The new 888JUNKCARS.COM is under construction to serve you and your car BETTER! We are proud to announce that the launch of the new site, the app, and the Guru are coming Fall 2024!


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The Guru

Car Repair Services

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope…it’s a noise! WELCOME TO THE GURU!!!

Here, launching the Spring of 2026, the GURU website will be the the car help you've been searching for is coming! From a helpful and thorough search "ASK the GURU" section, you'll find a place to find common answers about:

• How do I know if my car has a blown head gasket?
• What's the liquid dripping from my car?
• What's the ticking, squeaking, whining coming from under the hood?
• My car is overheating? Help!
• My car doesn't start or turn over when I turn the key? Help!

And many other automotive situations! The GURU is the go to for nearly all car related questions!

Ever been driving down the road and you hear a noise that wasn’t there before? Like a rattle, knock, tick, clunk, squeak, etc.? Let’s say it’s a squeak!

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Search from hundreds of live action videos of car noises so you can pin point the noise for yourselves! From this squeak to that squeak, search until YOU, YOURSELF, find the noise that’s driving you bonkers!

Car Tune Up

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Upon finding your noise for the, squeak, you’ll also find professional suggestions that can be causing the squeak and how to fix it. It’ll provide helpful hints such as, look at the belt, pulley, alternator, check the water pump, check the belt tensioner, and if you don’t know what to do or where to start, check the link that will refer you to the one automotive shops that proudly sponsors your zip codes Automotive Advancement Team, they are there to assist you when you NEED THEM THE MOST!

If you wish to perform the work yourself, the parts that are suggested will be displayed to nearest Auto Parts Store nearest you with the price, coupons, special offers, etc.

Stay in touch with the Guru! It’s right around the corner! And so is the new App that utilizes your phone's microphone to pinpoint the sound for you by using up-to-date sound recognition technology!