The new 888JUNKCARS.COM is under construction to serve you and your car BETTER! We are proud to announce that the launch of the new site, the app, and the Guru are coming Fall 2024!


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888JUNKCARS.COM buys everything, all types of vehicles in all types of condition. When you just want to sell it or have it gone? No problem! We'll buy it and also provide a free notary, if needed, always free towing and vehicle removal, as well as, same day service in most cases.

However, with the AAT (Automotive Advancement Team) of 888JUNKCARS.COM, doesn't just buy your unwanted vehicles, we help you KEEP them by recommending one last shop to re-diagnose what's wrong and get it back on the road for further adventures to go! 

With the trusted members of the AAT of 888JUNKCARS.COM, we survey your vehicle by the information you provide, and recommend the nearest member to assist you in repairing it when other shops may have failed to diagnose it properly or may have overpriced you. Depending on the situation with your vehicle, towing may also be available to assist you in transporting your vehicle to the trusted AAT member, free of charge!


Recycling helps clean up our environment and provides a better tomorrow for our future generations. It provides a new use with helping our communities with building of new vehicles, homes and office buildings and  so much more. When recycling vehicles, it provides recycled auto parts which are tested, verified and retested  for restores to help give vehicles a second chance.
Recycled vehicles are also provided to local junk yards and help people repair their own vehicles while keeping cost down.

Used Auto Parts

Through partnerships with trusted Auto Recyclers across America, we can provide assistance in finding quality, guaranteed used auto parts for most cars and trucks and even classics that you are rebuilding. Give Partner In Parts a call at 888-611-7416 with your location and we'll send you in the right direction to find that very part you are searching for!

Automotive Advancement Team

Instead of selling your vehicle, give the AAT of 888JUNKCARS.GURU the chance to help you FIX IT by recommending one more shop to look at it. Or use the free GURU app which launches next Winter, to pinpoint what's wrong with it and with the help of your local parts stores, perhaps you can even fix your vehicle yourself! 


When it comes to vehicles, the GURU has you covered. From noises to accessories, from what's my horsepower to where a fuse is located, questions about your specific vehicle, the GURU website, will assist you in finding the answer you are looking for. 

The GURU App

Just as the GURU website is there to help you with questions, the GURU app, will help you find those questions by assisting you in answering that sound your vehicle is making. Using sound recognition, and answering a few questions the GURU app may ask, we're here to help you keep your vehicle on the road for many more miles, memories and adventures to come.

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