The new 888JUNKCARS.COM is under construction to serve you and your car BETTER! We are proud to announce that the launch of the new site, the app, and the Guru are coming Fall 2019!


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The AAT (Automotive Advancement Team)

There are many Automotive Repair Shops that you can trust. However, there are some out there that are...not so much. Here at 888JUNKCARS.COM, we are changing that and putting the Honesty and Integrity back into Automotive Repair Industry.


The AAT (Automotive Advancement Team) of 888JUNKCARS.COM is a group of trusted automotive repair facilities around the country that focus on whats best for your automobile. We are trusted repair shops in the zip code nearest to your location that will help get your car or truck running again, guaranteed!

The AAT is currently under construction and growing to fit you and your needs. The AAT along with the GURU app will be launched in the Fall of 2018.*

* Launch date may be subject to change. Keep posted for updates.